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Cornbread Booty With Christina Milian

61 Photos of Christina Milian on Miami Beach

bikini christina-milian

It looks like Christina Milian has packed on a few pounds since the last time we saw her. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers. At least it’s more cushion for the pushin’ for whoever the lucky guy(s) is. Here she is doing her best “Alba” impression at the beach in Miami. Scroll through the gallery to see all 61 pictures.

christina-milian-nipslip-miami-001.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-002.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-003.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-004.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-005.jpg
 christina-milian-nipslip-miami-007.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-008.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-009.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-010.jpg
 christina-milian-nipslip-miami-012.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-013.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-014.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-015.jpg
 christina-milian-nipslip-miami-017.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-018.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-019.jpg christina-milian-nipslip-miami-020.jpg

Christina Milian at Vegas Party

Christina Milian attended a Diddy pool party in Las Vegas over the weekend. No photos of her swimming in the pool, but here she is poolside in her bikini top and a little bit of underboob.