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Ciara Wore a Bikini in Malibu

ciara bikini malibu

Ciara was in Malibu shooting a new music video in her bikini (obviously). It looks like a pretty high budget music video (just kidding). Remember the days of the multi-million dollar budget music videos (The Diddy Era)? Now most of it’s done with a MacBook Pro and a YouTube account. I miss the days when MTV was MTV. If you don’t get the last statement, you were probably born in the 90’s or later.

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Ciara Bikini Photos (With More Booty!)

Ciara bikini booty photos in Miami

Ciara showed a little more booty in this round of bikini pictures from Miami Beach. As they say on the internet these days “Dat Ass!”.

Ciara Bikini Photos in Miami

Ciara in bikini in miami

Ciara joined the rest of the “celebrities” on vacation in Miami over the weekend.  However, I think Ciara might be considered to be on long term leave of absence.

Ciara Bikini Photos From Miami

I didn’t know Amar’e Stoudemire was dating Ciara?  I guess that explains the giant black (African-American) dudes in the background.  Ciara is hot, but I bet Amar’e would rather be playing the Chicago Bulls right now.  Sorry Knicks fans.  Maybe next year.

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Ciara In Tights, Camel Missing

Here’s Ciara out and about wearing black tights.  The camel is missing, but we’ve seen Ciara’s crotch before. If you get an LG phone, she might even put her crotch in your face.

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Ciara’s LG Crotch Video: