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Daisy Lowe and Her Curves for Yo Dona

bra panties daisy-lowe

English model Daisy Lowe showed off her curves while posing in lingerie for Yo Dona. Daisy has been busy on Twitter lately and claims:

“i like dancing around in bright colours, standing in front of cameras sometimes and bouncing off walls occasionally :)”

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Video – YO DONA: Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe Is Gift Wrapped in GQ (Germany)

daisy lowe panties in GQ Germany

Imagine looking under your Christmas tree and seeing Daisy Lowe gift wrapped in that outfit. What a present that would be! However, with those huge bow ties on her undies it might be one of those gifts that are a pain in the ass to unwrap.

daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-1.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-2.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-3.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-4.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-7.jpg
daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-5.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-6.jpg  daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-8.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-9.jpg daisy-lowe-GQ-germany-10.jpg

Daisy Lowe Goes Topless For Esquire

Daisy Lowe's topless boobs in Esquire

Here’s English fashion model Daisy Lowe showing her boobies for a recent spread in Esquire. Is anyone else enjoying the sight of her boobies as much as me? I wish the last photo was higher quality…sorry.

daisy-lowe-esquire-1.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-2.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-3.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-4.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-5.jpg
daisy-lowe-esquire-6.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-7.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-8.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-9.jpg daisy-lowe-esquire-10.jpg

Daisy Lowe Gets a Butt Pinch

English fashion model Daisy Lowe and her boyfriend (Matt Smith) showed some PDA (public display of affection) while out for lunch in London. I hope he washed his hands before he ate.