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Dakota Fanning is Wonderous

dakota fanning wonderland

Dakota Fanning talked her career as a child actor and thoughts about social media in the new issue of Wonderland.

On being a child star: “I’ve never really felt like a child star. That name always felt really odd to me,”. “I’ve just felt like I was an actor at 6 and 7 and, you know, a child who happened to act. But when you turn 18 you’re seen as able to do more things and more roles.”

On Twitter and Facebook: “It’s just not for me. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter and I won’t ever. There’s plenty of impostors out there! There’s enough Dakota Fannings on Twitter for all of us!” – read more

Dakota Fanning’s New Ad Banned for ‘Sexualizing a Child’

dakota fanning child sex ad

Source: Telegraph

Designer Marc Jacobs recently described his new fragrance Oh, Lola! as: “sensual”, saying how the little sister scent to the hugely successful Lola is: “More of a Lolita than a Lola”.

But it turns out the ad campaign to promote the fragrance is too sensual for some. The Advertising Standards Authority received several complaints after seeing 17-year-old actress Dakota Fanning posing with an oversize bottle of the scent between her legs. – read more

Dakota and Elle Fanning at Rodarte Show

Here are the Fanning Twins out at the Rodarte Show. I know, I know, they’re not twins, but they do look a lot alike. Can you guess which one is older? I’ll give you a hint…the height doesn’t matter.