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Battle of the Cougars: Part 2

jenny mccarth vs denise richards

Last time I checked Jenny McCarthy won the last Battle of the Cougars competition on GCeleb vs. Carmen Electra by a whopping 63% to 37%. My guess is she’ll win this battle too, but it’s up to you guys to vote for the hotter cougar. Here’s round 2: Jenny McCarthy vs. Denise Richards.

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Denise Richards Talks About Her Lesbian Experience

Denise Richards has struggled to maintain a career over the last decade. Well, now she’s resorted to writing a book and talking about her lesbian experiences with an unnamed celebrity on Howard Stern. But doesn’t Howard Stern always get everyone to talk about their kinky sexual experiences on his show (so what’s the big deal)? Denise gave clues to who the unnamed celebrity is on Howard Stern saying:

“You would know who she is.”

“I just met her through friends and work and stuff… I was just curious. We were curious,”

“She was a girly-girl. She’s beautiful.”

I’m still not the least bit interested in Denise Richards. Sorry Denise Richards, you went out of style after Y2K.

Desperately Seeking Denise

Denise Richards is desperate for attention in Hollywood.  So she turns to the internet again to get some love.  Hasn’t she learned that these staged bikini sessions aren’t working for her.  She needs to go down to the unemployment office like all the other struggling actresses.  She might as well hold up a cardboard sign begging for work.

Denise Richards Career Revival Fail

Denise Richards has tried everything to boost her career and nothing has worked.  Her whole career has been on the D-List and it’s probably not even considered that anymore.  So here she is trying to revive her career again by staging another set of bikini photos from the beach.  Sorry Denise, but if lesbian sex scenes and nudity don’t work, nothing will.  Your last and ONLY option would be to release a sex tape and even that probably won’t help.  All that said…her body still looks hot.

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