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Dianna Agron in Nylon

dianna agron in nylon

The newly single Dianna Agron went retro in a new photoshoot for Nylon. I wonder if she would have spiced up the photos a little bit if they were taken after her split with Trevor Donovan.  Way too much clothing here.

dianna-agron-nylon-1.jpg dianna-agron-nylon-2.jpg dianna-agron-nylon-3.jpg dianna-agron-nylon-4.jpg dianna-agron-nylon-5.jpg

Dianna Agron in Cosmopolitan

If Dianna Agron‘s nose looks a little out of the ordinary in these Cosmopolitan covers it’s because she’s had two nose jobs. Yes, because one wasn’t enough.

Dianna Agron In Flaunt

I had to Google Dianna Agron because I didn’t know who she was and even and if I did I wouldn’t be able to tell with all that makeup and funny clothing she’s wearing in this photoshoot for Flaunt.  She still looks sexy however…in a strange kind of way.

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