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Dominique Storelli Makes Me Feel…Patriotic

dominique storelli maxim

Dominique Storelli was just a hometown hottie last month. Now she’s made it on the cover of Maxim. Maybe next month we’ll see her in the centerfold of Playboy. Fingers crossed.

dominique-storelli-Maxim-1.jpg dominique-storelli-Maxim-2.jpg dominique-storelli-Maxim-3.jpg dominique-storelli-Maxim-4.jpg dominique-storelli-Maxim-6.jpg

Dominique Storelli Maxim Photos

dominique storelli maxim

Dominique Storelli is the Miss 2011 Maxim Hometown Hotties winner. If you want to become her virtual stalker or view a few of her other photos, hit her up on Twitter.  She’s hot!