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Elle MacPherson Surfing Again

elle macpherson bikini red

You can tell that Elle MacPherson takes her One-a-Day multivitamins because she’s had a lot of energy lately.  And it even looks like her cold sore/herpes is starting to heal.

elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-1.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-2.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-3.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-4.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-5.jpg
elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-6.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-7.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-8.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-9.jpg elle-macpherson-bikini-byron-bay-sydney-10.jpg

Elle MacPherson Jogging in Sydney

elle macpherson butt

I don’t think Elle MacPherson has been relevant for a decade or so, but she’s still a sexy cougar in my book (except for that cold sore on her lip). Here she is jogging in tights while in Sydney, Australia and as you can see, she’s still turning heads.