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Emma Glover Topless in Nuts

emma glover boobs

I’m too lazy to write a post about Emma Glover right now. So here is a quick bio taken from her official website (somebody should have used spell check).

Since I wasa little girl I dreamt of becoming a model – I was working in an office in London when I eventurly sent my photographs off to an agency and 24 hours later my modelling career began. I immediately started working for Nuts magazine which I really enjoy, and the Roller Coaster began…..

So far I have been lucky enough to be involved in campaigns for many magazines and companies including Zoo Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Monkey Magazine, Talk Sport Magazine, The Daily Star , News of the World, and the Sun. I has also worked with companies such as Lynx, Ann Summers, Pabo Lingerie, o2, Capital fm, Channel 4, Harley Davison, Simon Copeland clothing, Edgar Brothers, Magpul and Victory Poker. – read more