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Emmanuelle Chriqui See-Through and Pink Tacos

emmanuelle chirqui pink taco

Now that Entourage has ended, Emmanuelle Chriqui has a lot of free time on her hands. Here she is at the Pink Taco in Hollywood. She’s got a few other projects lined up such as The Mentalist and The Million Dollar man. So if you have missed seeing Emmanuelle Chriqui, you’ll be able to see her on your television screen again soon. For now you can enjoy these random candid photos

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Emmanuelle Chriqui Entourage Promos

Any of you guys watch Entourage?  I have to admit that I’ve never seen the show, but if there’s any reason to watch these Emmanulle Chriqui bikini promos might be a good reason.

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Someone help her zip that Emmanuelle Chriqui lying on grass
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