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Erin Andrews Had a Baseball Bat Crotch Tickle

erin andrews baseball bat vagina

Erin Andrews at the Rose Bowl

erin andrews camel toe

I know the Rose Bowl was last week, but we missed these sexy photos of Erin Andrews and figured they needed to be posted. Sure, it’s not the famous peephole video or anything, but you’ve gotta admit Erin is looking damn good, in a professional kind of way.

erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-1.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-2.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-3.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-4.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-5.jpg
erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-6.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-7.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-8.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-9.jpg erin-andrews-rose-bowl-camel-10.jpg

Erin Andrews In Tights For Reebok Photoshoot

Erin Andrews is apparently the first female to promote for the Reebok ZigTech product.  Erin commented on her new gig in a a recent interview:

“I’m very excited to be the first female to become part of Reebok’s ZigTech campaign, joining superstars like Peyton Manning, Sidney Crosby, John Wall, Chad Ochocinco, and many more,” said Andrews in a statement. “I have been athletic all my life, and I’m thrilled to be working out in the same footwear and apparel that helps these athletes perform at the top of their game.” – read more

Erin Andrews Interview: