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Erin Heatherton Goes Topless in New GQ Spread

June 12th, 2013 Comments off

erin heatherton topless gq

Erin Heatherton Topless in GQ (Germany) – July 2013

erin-heatherton-gq-germany-001.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-002.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-003.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-004.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-005.jpg
 erin-heatherton-gq-germany-007.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-008.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-009.jpg erin-heatherton-gq-germany-010.jpg

Erin Heatherton | Victoria’s Secret VSX

March 15th, 2013 Comments off

Erin Heatherton Victoria’s Secret VSX

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Erin Heatherton in a Bikini for St. Barts Photoshoot

December 14th, 2012 Comments off

erin-heatherton bikini

31 Photos of Erin Heatherton to Celebrate Her Newly Single Self

November 5th, 2012 Comments off

erin heatherton hot

Leo DiCaprio must have found himself another supermodel (that bastard!) because if you haven’t heard, Erin Heatherton and him have recently broken up. According to the Huffington Post:

And another one bites the dust. Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton have split. Us Weekly reports that the couple have called it quits after ten months.

“They split a few weeks ago. There’s no bad blood — they still care about each other a lot,” a source told the publication. “It was just time to move on.”

DiCaprio, 37, and Heatherton, 23, had been dating since at least December 2011, when they were spotted sightseeing in Sydney, Australia, where DiCaprio was shooting “The Great Gatsby.” The blond beauty isn’t the only model the actor has dated, of course: DiCaprio’s previous girlfriends include Bar Rafaeli and Gisele Bundchen. He was also briefly linked to Blake Lively in summer 2010. – Read more

So here are 31 photos to help celebrate the newly single Erin Heatherton and her never ending hotness.

erin-heatherton-1.jpg erin-heatherton-2.jpg erin-heatherton-bergdorf-goodman-nyc-1.JPG erin-heatherton-bergdorf-goodman-nyc-2.JPG erin-heatherton-bergdorf-goodman-nyc-3.JPG
erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-1.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-2.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-miami-1.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-miami-2.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-miami-3.jpg
erin-heatherton-bikini-miami-4.jpgerin-heatherton-golden-heart-gala-nyc-1.JPG erin-heatherton-golden-heart-gala-nyc-2.jpg erin-heatherton-golden-heart-gala-nyc-3.jpg erin-heatherton-golden-heart-gala-nyc-4.jpg
erin-heatherton-hot-1.jpg erin-heatherton-montreal-1.jpg erin-heatherton-montreal-2.jpg erin-heatherton-out-la-1.jpg erin-heatherton-out-la-2.jpg
erin-heatherton-out-nyc-1.jpg erin-heatherton-out-nyc-2.jpgerin-heatherton-vs-1.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-2.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-3.jpg
erin-heatherton-vs-4.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-5.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-6.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-7.jpg erin-heatherton-vs-9.jpg

Erin Heatherton Bikini Photoshoot in Miami

September 11th, 2012 Comments off

erin heatherton bikini

How about an end to the day with some Erin Heatherton bikini hotness. Dayyyum!

Erin Heatherton Bikini Photos in Hawaii

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

erin heatherton bikini

Leo DiCaprio loves his supermodels and seems to go from one supermodel to the next. Here he is with Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton in Hawaii. That lucky bastard!

erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-1.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-2.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-3.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-4.jpg erin-heatherton-bikini-hawaii-5.jpg

Erin Heatherton Will Knock You Out

December 17th, 2010 Comments off

These are some behind the scenes photos of Erin Heatherton at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fitting.  I’m sure she’s got a line waiting to be her sparring partner.

Erin Heatherton lingerie fitting Victoria's Secret Erin Heatherton in blue bra Erin Heatherton is an angel with wings Erin Heatherton sexy lingerie Erin Heatherton hot photoshoot Erin Heatherton red bra
Erin Heatherton sexy boxer Erin Heatherton champion Erin Heatherton knockout Erin Heatherton Victoria's Secret panties