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Erin Wasson, Sexy or Sickly?

erin wasson topless

I know Erin Wasson is topless in this photoshoot for Zink, but I can’t decide whether I find her sexy or sickly? Was Zink magazine established in Ethiopia or something? Seriously…does anyone really find a person this skinny sexy?

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Erin Wasson Topless in Glamour

Erin Wasson is no stranger to fashion magazines, she’s appeared in a shit-ton of them: Vogue, Esquire, Flair, Allure, Elle and now topless in Glamour. That must be why she’s jumping for joy.

erin-wasson-glamour-1.jpg erin-wasson-glamour-2.jpg erin-wasson-glamour-3.jpg erin-wasson-glamour-4.jpg erin-wasson-glamour-6.jpg