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Eva Mendes Glows in Marie Claire

eva mendes skin

I’ve always found Eva Mendes hot in a very plain kind of way. She usually looks beautiful and classy, but I’d like to see her whore it up once in a while. Even when she poses nude she looks homely. I don’t know what it is about her? Just my opinion.

Eva Mendes Is Flexible in Zest

Eva Mendes looks extra slim and sexy in the new issue of Zest. So how does she do it? Eva talked about her diet in a recent interview, she said:

‘I focus on the inside out – so it’s all about what I’m eating, how I’m feeding my body and how much water I’m drinking. I don’t eat meat, but I eat a lot of fish and brown rice.
‘I love bread, too. People are always surprised when I eat bread in restaurants! I mostly stick to wholemeal, though.
‘When in doubt, go dark with the food – so I stay away from white pasta, white rice and white bread and that keeps things simple for me.’

So now I know her diet secrets, but I think she should make a workout video to show us how she gets so flexible?

Eva Mendes’ Moroccan Booty Gown

Eva Mendes showed off her beautiful gown booty at the Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco.  I’ve never heard of the festival, but I’m guessing Eva was featured in a film they were presenting at the festival.

The 10th International Marrakech Film Festival (FIFM) opened on Friday night in the presence of a host of national and world celebrities.  Fifteen feature-length films from around… –read more

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Eva Mendes beautiful fanny Eva Mendes tight ass in dress Eva Mendes in heels and gown Eva Mendes perky tits Eva Mendes pretty smile

Eva Mendes Last Night in Toronto

Here’s Eva Mendes at the Last Night premiere in Toronto.  Eva shows off her nice tight butt in her evening gown, too bad it’s completely covered.

Eva Mendes Last Night Premiere Toronto Eva Mendes has a tight ass Eva Mendes nice little butt
Eva Mendes side booty Eva Mendes blowing kiss

Eva Mendes in a Sex Tape Video

I guess Eva Mendes had to resort to making a sex tape video after losing her Calvin Klein job to Zoe Saldana. Just kidding, sorry but this is only a fake comedy video from funnyordie. What a shame! It might be a joke now, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Eva make a sex tape in the future the way her career is going.

Get it “S.EX. Tape”, hahaha (watch video). They should have named this video “stupidordie”.

Eva Mendes Video from Funny or Die:

Eva Mendes in a sex tape video scandal! Eva Mendes' ass from her sex tape video

Real Eva Mendes Nudity Below:

Eva Mendes in W Magazine

There’s something about Eva Mendes that seems kind of boring to me.  I don’t know what it is?  Sure she’s hot, but I feel that we see these kinds of photos of her over and over again.  This time it’s in W magazine July 2010.

Eva Mendes cleavage W Magazine 2010 Eva Mendes sucking on finger Eva Mendes hand on chin Eva Mendes almost topless 2010
Eva Mendes dress clothing W Magazine Eva Mendes bare breast sun light Eva Mendes lying on the road

Eva Mendes Workout Ass

Not the nicest photos of Eva Mendes’ ass, but they’ll do. I wonder…do you think she’s wearing any underwear? A thong maybe? I can’t tell.