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Hey Look, Fergie’s Boobs

Haven’t Seen Fergie in a While…Don’t Call It a Comeback?

fergie booty shorts

We haven’t seen Fergie in a while. What’s she been up too? Didn’t she have a kid or something? Maybe she’s getting ready to make a comeback and release an album with the Black Eyed Peas or something solo? Don’t worry, our investigative reporters are on it and will let you know as soon as an article is released on TMZ. Anyway, here’s Fergie rocking some booty shorts while out in Brentwood.


Fergie in Vegas

fergie vegas

Does everyone have their New Year’s Eve plans set to party for 2012? Well if you have no plans and you’re near Las Vegas, you can always stop by to see Fergie at the Mirage Nightclub. I’m sure she’ll be shaking her booty and poppin’ bottles all night long.