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Geri Halliwell Caught Changing While in Underwear


I’m not sure if anyone cares or remembers Spice Girl Geri Halliwell? But if you do, you might like to see her changing at a clothing store while the sneaky paps snap photos. You know you really, really want to see them.

geri-halliwell-caught-changing-1.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-2.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-3.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-4.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-5.jpg
geri-halliwell-caught-changing-6.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-7.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-8.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-9.jpg geri-halliwell-caught-changing-10.jpg

Video – Spice Girls – Wannabe

Geri Halliwell’s Windy Upskirt

Oops!  It looks like Geri Halliwell wasn’t prepare to have a Marilyn Monroe upskirt accident on a windy day in London.  Ginger Spice has a nice booty!

Geri Halliwell Does a Bikini Photoshoot

I guess some people are still interested in Geri Halliwell because somebody is paying her to do a bikini photoshoot.  I don’t blame them, she still looks pretty good in a bikini.  I’d give her a dollar or two.

Geri Haliwell bikini photoshoot Geri Haliwell bikini photos in Florida
Geri Haliwell red bikini Geri Haliwell bikini photoshoot
Geri Haliwell ass in bikini Geri Haliwell blue bikini