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Halle Berry Bikini Photos From Her Majorca Vacation

Here are a few blurry photos of Halle Berry on her vacation in Majorca, Spain.  I’m not a fan of her short hair, but I love that body.

The Halle Berry Drama Continues

Halle Berry ass in sweats

I haven’t really been following the Halle Berry drama too closely, but I do know that her ex-husband has been calling out racial slurs and trying to make Halle’s life miserable.  Well, it looks like he’s at it again.  Halle Berry is reported to possibly star with Samuel Jackson in “The Mountain Top” on Broadway, but not if Halle’s husband can help it.  According to TMZ:

“…Gabriel is ready to raise the same stink he made over Halle going to NYC to film “New Year’s Eve.” – read more

Halle Berry nice butt Halle Berry closeup on her booty Halle Berry pink badonk

Halle Berry Wears See-Through in Ebony

Halle Berry shows off her spring look in the new issue of Ebony.  If you think Halle Berry is sexy here.  Wait until you see the cartoon version of Halle.  She is set to appear as herself in a upcoming episode of The Simpsons:

“The Monster’s Ball star has provided her voice for an episode of the animated series, in which a cartoon version of herself will wear the famous red dress she donned to
accept her Academy Award in 2002…” – read more

Halle Berry see-through
Halle Berry see-thru bra

Photo Credit: Ebony

Halle Berry Bikini Photos From Dark Tide

Here is Halle Berry in a bikini and a wetsuit filming a scene for her new movie Dark Tide that is set to release in 2011.  It looks likes Halle was ready to go swimming with some Great White sharks off the coast of Cape Town. I hope all her limbs are still intact.

Halle Berry bikini photos from Dark Tide Halle Berry filming Dark Side Halle Berry bikini photos from Dark Side Halle Berry wearing bikini top
Halle Berry in a wetsuit Halle Berry talking to director Halle Berry butt shot in wet suit Halle Berry on boat for Dark Tide movie