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Hilary Swank in Gotham

hilary swank gotham

For someone who claims that she doesn’t like to party, Hilary Swank sure knows how to make it look like she does in this photoshoot for Gotham. But that’s her job isn’t it? She’s an actress.  She’s good at faking things.

Hilary Swank Parties With Warlords

hilary swank party warlords

Source: TMZ

Hilary Swank says she probably should have said “no” … when she was invited to a birthday party for the President of Chechnya last week … saying she had no idea he’s been accused of torturing and killing a bunch of people.

Swank — along with Jean Claude Van Damme and others — attended a concert in Chechnya for president Ramzan Kadyrov on Oct. 5 … and immediately came under fire from human rights groups. – read more

Hilary Swank Got a Badonkadonk

Who said white girls don’t got “Dat Ass”? Hilary Swank proves the haters wrong in her bikini photos in Hawaii.  Hilary Swank is almost giving J-Lo a run for her money.


Hilary Swank Bikini Photos

These Hilary Swank bikini photos from Mexico are just a little blurry. Normally I might complain about the blurriness, but in this case I’ll let it go. Why? It’s Hilary Swank that’s why. It’s probably better that there are no extra high quality closeups.

Hilary Swank in Total Film

Hilary Swank has surprised me lately with her sexy self, but I’m sorry to say this magazine spread is not one of those times.  Here she is in Total Film magazine looking more like her homely self.  Well, at least more like the homely character she played in Cinderella Man.  You know,  I’m really not sure why there are photos from Cinderella Man considering that movie is a few years old and this is an issue for December?

Hilary Swank In Her Undies

I don’t know when Hilary Swank hit the hotness button, but sometime in the last five years she went from “‘meh”, to “Dayuum”!  Can somebody explain to me what happened because it’s a mystery to me.

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