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Irina Sheik Rampage Lingerie Photos

Irina Sheik is the new cover girl for the 2011 Iconix Brand Group Inc Rampage lingerie campaign. Don’t ask me to tell you anything about the company or the brand. I just do photos here.

Irina Shayk in GQ Latin America

I didn’t know there was a GQ (Latin America)? What country was that again?  Is that the one where they speak Mexicano?  Yeah I know, stupid joke.

Anyway, here is this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover model Irina Shayk posing for GQ.

Irina Shayk GQ Lingerie Irina Shayk side ass bent over
Irina Shayk long legs Irina Shayk legs spread

Irina Sheik in Thong Lingerie

Irina Sheik Thong Up Ass

If I had to pick the top models of 2011 so far, Irina Sheik would be near the top of the list.  She’s done numerous photoshoots and counting.  The main one being the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of course.  This is no SI cover here, but I’m sure she’s getting paid good money for these thong photos for Avant Premiere.

Irina Shayk talking on phone Irina Sheik thong panties Irina Sheik thong up her butt

Irina Shayk Sexy Macy’s Photos

She goes by Irina Shaykhlislamova, Irina Shayk, Irina Sheik or whatever.  For this post I think I’ll just call her that “sexy Macy’s girl with nice cleavage”.  It’s easier than saying “Shaykhlislamova”

Irina Sheik Nude in GQ (Spain)

I forgot to say what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Well, I think I’d like to thank GQ for giving us the beautiful gift of putting Irina Sheik nude in their magazine.  Thank you.

Irina Sheik nude in GQ Irina Sheik naked in GQ Irina Sheik ass in GQ
Irina Sheik hot in GQ Irina Sheik sexy lingerie in GQ
Irina Sheik topless and nude in GQ Irina Sheik naked butt in GQ Irina Sheik not wearing panties

Irina Shayk Nude GQ Video:

Irina Sheik Bikini for GQ South Africa

She must be moving up the ranks.  We’ve done a post about her the last 3 months in a row.  Once again…Irina Sheik.  This time in GQ South Africa.

Irina Sheik topless in GQ South Africa Irina Sheik see through top GQ Irina Sheik posing GQ Irina Sheik bra falling off tits
Irina Sheik bikini cleavage GQ Irina Sheik legs in GQ Irina Sheik other half GQ South Africa