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Vida Guerra and Italia Kash in FHM

vida guerra and italia kash

I think Vida Guerra is past her prime, but I still don’t mind it when she shows off that famous booty of hers. As for the other chick, her name is Italia Kash and I know nothing about her. Thanks to FHM for giving us two booties this time for the price of one. They’re so generous!

vida-guerra-italia-kash-1.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-2.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-3.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-4.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-5.jpg
vida-guerra-italia-kash-6.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-7.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-8.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-9.jpg vida-guerra-italia-kash-10.jpg