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Jamie Chung and Marielle Jaffe in Bikinis for Brunch

Here are a couple of D-List celebs out for an Armani Brunch event.  However, I couldn’t resist posting them with their bright neon bikinis.  Their names are Jamie Chung and Marielle Jaffe, just in case you can’t read the title.

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Jamie Chung in FHM (UK)

Photo Credit: FHM

If Jamie Chung looks familiar, but you can’t figure out where you’ve seen her before it’s because she’s gets a lot of work on smaller tv shows and movies with insignificant roles.  She got her start on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego and has since become a F-List actress. Which is probably better than 95% of the other Real Worlders.  So props to her.

Jaime Chung Maxim Photos

This post is for all you Asian lovers out there. Jaime Chung from The Real World, San Diego in the new issue of Maxim. I was going to say that she was nothing more than another untalented reality show person, but I guess she’s held her own and has a little bit of an acting career going for her. Jaime Chung IMDb page.