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Jamie Lynn Sigler Relaxing on the Beach

jamie lynn sigler beach crotch

Jamie Lynn Sigler didn’t look her best on her trip to the beach in Miami.  Partly because she decided to keep all her clothing on and not show her bikini body.  How disappointing.  They should make it a rule that bikinis are mandatory on the beaches of Miami.  At least for some people.  And by some people I mean hot women.  Am I sounding too shallow?

jamie-lynn-sigler-beach-miami-1.jpg jamie-lynn-sigler-beach-miami-2.jpg jamie-lynn-sigler-beach-miami-3.jpg jamie-lynn-sigler-beach-miami-4.jpg jamie-lynn-sigler-beach-miami-5.jpg


Jamie Lynn Sigler Bikini Photos

It looks like Jamie Lynn Sigler has packed on a few pounds.  I wouldn’t call her fat or anything, but she is definitely a little heavier than the last time I saw photos of her.  Maybe one of her new superstitions has been to eat a nice hearty meal before going on stage? – read more

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