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Throwback Thursday: Jennifer Love Hewitt Braless


When this post was first published in June 2008
Rihanna – Take A Bow was at the Top of the Music Charts

Photos From the Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List Workout

hot butt jennifer love hewitt

I’m not sure if Jennifer Love Hewitt is multi-tasking doing a workout and reading a script at the same time. Or, if she’s doing a pretend workout while shooting a scene from the show? Either way, here’s her booty in tights going up and down the stairs at a high school stadium.

jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-024.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-025.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-026.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-027.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-028.jpg
jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-029.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-030.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-031.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-032.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-033.jpg
jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-034.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-035.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-036.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-037.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-client-workout-038.jpg