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Jennifer Nicole Lee Stages Some Hot New Bikini Pics

jennifer nicole lee bikini

There’s no way that the paparazzi have been following Jennifer Nicole Lee around this much. So I’m guessing that she had one of her friends with a camera follow her to the beach to snap some “candid” photos.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Wants You to ‘Kiss Her Abs’

jennifer nicole lee wet in miami

The Fitness Guru Jennifer Nicole Lee has caught on to the fact that she’s getting attention online. And the attention is well deserved. It must take several hours a day to keep those rock hard abs that she wants you to kiss.

Jennifer Nicole Lee at the Beach in Miami

jennifer nicole lee gold bikini in miami

If you can’t tell by her rock hard abs, Jennifer Nicole Lee is a fitness model. Her body is in nearly perfect shape and it’s probably because she is a “fitness guru”. Whatever a fitness guru is? Is a “fitness guru” defined as someone who is overly obsessed with their body?