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Jenny McCarthy is in Tip-Top MILF Shape

jennny mccarthy milf shape

Jenny McCarthy – Shape USA – June 2014


Jenny McCarthy Shows Off Her Shapely Cougar Body

bikini bottom jenny-mccarthy

Why Jim Carrey ever left Jenny McCarthy, we’ll never know? But even if was desiring a hot young 20-something, he’s still gotta be missing Jenny McCarthy. She’s one hot cougar POA. And if you need proof, check out the photos below.

Battle of the Cougars: Part 2

jenny mccarth vs denise richards

Last time I checked Jenny McCarthy won the last Battle of the Cougars competition on GCeleb vs. Carmen Electra by a whopping 63% to 37%. My guess is she’ll win this battle too, but it’s up to you guys to vote for the hotter cougar. Here’s round 2: Jenny McCarthy vs. Denise Richards.

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Battle of the 90’s Cougars

jenny mccarthy or carmen electra

These two lovely ladies dominated the late 1990’s/early 2000’s as the hottest women on the planet. Pamela Anderson was up there too and many would say she beat them both (back then). Sorry to say, that she hasn’t aged as well and she now looks like this. Of course Pamela does have a few more years in age, but that’s no excuse. Look at these two. So this battle belongs to the two MTV Queen’s of the 1990’s. Jenny McCarthy vs. Carmen Electra. You decide?

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