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Jessica Jane Clement in Maxim (Russia)

jessica jane  clement maxim russia

I’m not really a fan of girls with too many tattoos.  Jessica Jane Clement is almost getting to that point, but not quite there.  She’s at the Megan Fox point where if you get one or two more it goes from sexy to kind of gross.  I guess that’s why Megan Fox has decided to have some of hers removed.  Anyway, here is the big (fake) breasted Jessica Jane Clement in the new issue of Maxim (Russia).

jessica-jane-clement-Maxim-Russia-1.jpg jessica-jane-clement-Maxim-Russia-2.jpg jessica-jane-clement-Maxim-Russia-3.jpg jessica-jane-clement-Maxim-Russia-4.jpg jessica-jane-clement-Maxim-Russia-5.jpg

Jessica-Jane Clements Makes Me Nutty

If you’re not British then you may not know who Jessica Jane Clement is. Well, if you didn’t know she’s is co-host of the BBC’s The Real Hustle which is basically a show that introduces you to the tricks and trades behind being a hustler.  Who says that all the crap reality shows are just in America?

Jessica-Jane Clements Sexy Lynx

Jessica Jane Clements sheds some clothing for Lynx.  Damn I got to start washing with Lynx and Axe Body wash and then I’ll be irresistible.  That’s all you have to do right?