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Jessica Rafalowski Shows Some Bum for South Africa

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Jessica Rafalowski is known for having one of the nicest beauty pageant bums around. Florida liked her butt so much that they named her Miss Florida USA in 2008. Now she’s taking her bum to South Africa for FHM. I wonder if they’ll ever name her nicest bum of South Africa? She’s got a lot of competition.

jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-001.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-002.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-003.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-004.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-005.jpg

jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-006.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-007.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-008.jpg jessica-rafalowski-fhm-sa-009.jpg

Jessica Rafalowski Is Larger Than Life in Maxim

jessica rafalowski maxim

Now that’s one billboard advertisement I wouldn’t mind seeing everyday on my walk to work. The only billboards I ever see are anti-abortion, anti-rape and anti-smoking ones. Can you guess which state I live in? Here’s a hint: it’s in the south.

Jessica Rafalowski’s Hot Beach Bunny Photos

Jessica Rafalowski won the Miss Florida USA title in 2008. Now she’s joined an elite group of models in a hot new Beach Bunny campaign. If you remember, Beach Bunny was the group that brought you these infamous Kate Upton photos and video.