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Josephine De La Baume Cleavage in Esquire

josephine de la baume boobs

Meet French actress and model Josephine De La Baume. In her acting career she’s probably best known for her roles in Johnny English Reborn and One Day. As far as modeling, she can be seen in the Agent Provocateur campaign (video below) and this new spread for Esquire (UK).

josephine-de-La-Baume-Esquire-UK-1.jpg josephine-de-La-Baume-Esquire-UK-2.jpg josephine-de-La-Baume-Esquire-UK-3.jpg josephine-de-La-Baume-Esquire-UK-4.jpg josephine-de-La-Baume-Esquire-UK-5.jpg

Agent Provocateur – Josephine de la Baume – Behind The Scenes