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Julia Lescova In a Swimsuit for FHM Spain

julia lescova hot fhm

Here’s a quick bio for Julia Lescova from her Facebook page:

Model, GUESS Model, won “Best Model of The World” award, GQ’s “Hottest Women”, ESQUIRE USA, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED USA. Twitter: @julialescova, Instagram @julialescova

She was the Guess replacement for Kate Upton in 2011. See some of the work that helped her get that gig in this awesome Chive gallery for Julia Lescova.

julia-lescova-FHM-Spain-1.jpg julia-lescova-FHM-Spain-2.jpg julia-lescova-FHM-Spain-3.jpg julia-lescova-FHM-Spain-5.jpg julia-lescova-FHM-Spain-6.jpg