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Julie Benz Wore Some Tight Pants at a Charity Event

butt julie benz

Julie Benz went to a Bands for Chairty event in Hollywood and she wore her best rocker pants. Maybe her tightest too? You can see more Julie Benz in her upcoming SyFy series Defiance set to premiere in April. If you can’t wait that long, check her out in Dexter.

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Julie Benz’s Sexy Grocery Session

Did you know that Julie Benz is a lesbian? No, not really. She just plays one on television. She plays Elyse who is Anna’s partner (played by Camille Chen) in the show Royal Pains. It might be worth watching the show for some hot lesbian action…if only it wasn’t on the USA network.

Julie Benz is Hot in Los Angeles

Former Dexter actress Julie Benz got engaged last month and if you look closely you’ll see the ring on her finger. But of course I know that her fingers are not the body part that you’re all looking at.

Julie Benz Bikini Pictures

If any of you have watched Dexter then you know who Julie Benz is.  The show hasn’t been the same since they killed off her character.  It’s lacked the quality it had in the beginning and that quality was Julie Benz.  If you miss watching Julie in every episode like I do then you’ll find these new bikini photos refreshing.  A rare sighting of Julie at the beaches in Mexico.

I never did find out if they fired her or if she quit the show?