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Julie Henderson in Her Swimwear for Talbots

julie-henderson-talbots hot

Here’s the All-American model from Texas Julie Henderson modeling ugly swimsuits for Talbots. And I only call them ugly because swimsuits aren’t made to cover so much skin. She needs to go back to wearing the same kind of bikinis she wore for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. To see Julie Henderson at her best check out the link and video.

julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-1.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-2.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-3.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-4.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-5.jpg
julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-6.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-7.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-8.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-9.jpg julie-henderson-talbots-swimwear-10.jpg

Video – Julie Henderson Model Profile SI Swimsuit 2011

Julie Henderson Bikini Photos

Here are some Julie Henderson bikini photos from Miami.  Who is Julie Henderson you may ask?  Well by plain looks you’d probably think she’s a model.  You’re right!  Other than that she’s the new fling for Russel Simmons.  I wonder if she’s gonna make it to the top now that she’s sleeping with Mr. Simmons?