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JWoww Busts Out the Guns for Maxim

JWoww maxim boobs

I don’t like to give any of the Jersey Shore people any undeserved attention, but the fact is JWoww looks smokin’ in these new Maxim photos. Who cares if there’s enough plastic to make a thousand Barbie dolls.

jwoww-maxim-0.jpg jwoww-maxim-2.jpg jwoww-maxim-3.jpg jwoww-maxim-5.jpg jwoww-maxim-6.jpg

JWoww in Maxim

Forget the GTL, JWoww paid more attention to wearing the correct “laundry” for her Maxim photoshoot.  I’m not a huge fan of The Jersey Shore or the cast, but I’ll give JWoww the credit she deserves for looking extra hot in her Maxim spread, even knowing that it’s all fake plastic and airbrushing.

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