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Kate Bosworth Wears See-Through Mesh in Nylon

Kate Bosworth See-Through Mesh in Nylon

I don’t know who the hell dressed Kate Bosworth for this Nylon photo spread, but Kate should have fired them. She looks like a scraggly street bum. I’m sure Nylon is having financial problems, but come on, they’ve got to have something left in their wardrobe closet.

Kate Bosworth Bikini Photos

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend enjoy some private time near the pool.  Did I say private time?  Doesn’t look so private to me.  The only thing that’s private about these photos is where Kate Bosworth is putting her face.

Kate Bosworth New Year Nipples

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year. So, what can everyone expect from GCeleb in 2009? Well, more celebrity photos and news of course. I am looking to change the layout and hopefully add some new features to the website. Right now the website is fairly simple. I know some people like a simpler website without the distractions of some other similar sites out there. So, if you have suggestions or comments you can drop me an email at [email protected] Best wishes to all of the loyal GCeleb visitors in 2009! Now onto Kate Bosworth see through and nipples pictures from her latest photoshoot. Sorry for the lq’s, but it’s all I could find. As always, I’ll post the HQ’s if I find them.