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Kate Middleton Has a New Portrait

kate middleton portrait

Source: AP

LONDON (AP) — The Duchess of Cambridge seems to like her first official portrait, which is lucky for the artist. Many critics don’t.

Paul Emsley’s portrait of the former Kate Middleton shows the 31-year-old royal against a dark background, her lips pursed into a wry smile, with an ethereal light against her face and hair. Her pale complexion brings out the fine lines under the eyes, and the light adds a hint of silver to her rich brown hair.

Shortly after the portrait was unveiled Friday at the National Portrait Gallery in London, critics began grousing.

“It’s a great, great opportunity missed,” British Art Journal editor Robin Simon said. “The best thing you can say about it is that she doesn’t actually look like that.” – Read more

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Video – Mixed reviews for Kate’s portrait

Future Queen Kate Middleton Caught Topless!

kate middleton topless leaked nipples

Here are a few Kate Middleton topless photos while she was sunbathing on vacation in private…or so she thought. The photos are horrible quality so you can’t really tell for sure if it’s her. Plus, I don’t know how credible the source is. The magazine is a British tabloid called Closer. These photos were released from their France edition, but the magazine claims:

British Closer magazine vows it would “never publish topless images” of a member of the Royal family after it’s French namesake printed topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. – read more

Are they real? You be the judge.

Update: I guess they must be real because the British royal family is suing.

Britain’s royal family says it is suing the French magazine that published topless photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have begun “legal proceedings for breach of privacy” against the magazine’s publishers, the St. James Palace said in a statement Friday, after calling the publication of the photos “a grotesque and totally unjustifiable” invasion of the young couple’s privacy. – read more

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More Royal Kate Middleton Upskirt Photos Hit the Web

kate middleton upskirt pics in car

Can anyone tell me why the hell Kate Middleton is so happy? Oh yeah that’s right, she’s rich, she’s a princess and she can probably do whatever the f*ck she wants. What could be better than that? Just another day in the life of Royalty.

I see Kate Middleton panties Kate Middleton and her knickers Kate Middleton smiling as she gets upskirt photos taken paparazzi taking photos up Kate Middleton's skirt
Kate Middleton tries to cover her knickers Kate Middleton and her sister exit car Kate Middleton and Pippa holding hands with a book

Kate Middleton Upskirt Photos in London

kate middleton upskirt

Kate Middleton and her sis’ were spotted out and about in London. It looks like the paps were able to snap a few royal upskirt photos while she was exiting her car.

Kate Middleton Bikini Photos in Mustique

kate middleton bikini mustique

Here are a few low quality photos of Kate Middleton in her bikini off the coast of Mustique. If you’ve never heard of Musitque it’s probably because you’re not rich. I fly there on my private jet every weekend. I’ll send you an invitation someday.

kate-middleton-mustique-1.jpg kate-middleton-mustique-2.jpg kate-middleton-mustique-3.jpg kate-middleton-mustique-4.jpg kate-middleton-mustique-5.jpg

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant

Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Source: In Touch

It’s been nearly seven months since they walked down the aisle to the delight of millions. But now, Prince William and Kate Middleton have an even bigger reason to celebrate. In Touch has learned that Kate is around six weeks pregnant with their first child — and she and William couldn’t be more relieved. “Since before they even got married, it’s been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority,” a royal source reveals, adding that Queen Elizabeth II, in particular, has been dropping so many hints about wanting a great-grandchild — and an heir to the throne — that Kate feared she wouldn’t be able to face her without baby news. – read more