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Katy Perry Blocks the Upskirt Shot

Katy Perry's near upskirt

Katy Perry did everything she could to divert your eyes from her vagina.  She wore a bright red Rudolph nose and she used her hand as a shield to prevent the dirty paparazzi from getting that upskirt money shot.  Russell Brand would be proud of his wife.

Katy Perry blocks her upskirt Katy Perry no panty shot Katy Perry no vagina shot here Katy Perry upskirt distraction

Katy Perry Has Lots of Sex

Katy Perry Has Lots of Sex

So now there’s another reason to hate Russell Brand.  Not only is he a hairy, stinky, not so funny comedian. He also gets to bang Katy Perry all the time.  According to Mirror News Katy Perry has sex and lots of it:

“We’re not like the stereotypical joke of a married couple. I’m married to Russell Brand – I don’t just have sex once a week!” – read more

Katy Perry tits Katy Perry boobs Katy Perry cleavage Katy Perry boobies Katy Perry breasts Katy Perry chest

Photo Credit: Splash News

Katy Perry Almost Loses Her Bikini Top

Well the poll is not done yet, but it does look like most people favor Katy Perry‘s cleavage.  I can’t blame them…I think she is who I voted for too.  Here she is in a bikini again, this time in the Bahamas and in a not as revealing bikini.  We did almost get a bikini malfunction as she was coming out of the water while snorkeling.  I wonder why Katy was covering her chest…was she cold or was her bikini top falling off?

Katty Perry almost a nipple slip in bikini Katty Perry on the beach of Bahamas Katty Perry walking the beach in Bahmas Katty Perry covering her chest in bikini Katty Perry cleavage on display
Katty Perry side boob and butt Katty Perry covering her hard nipples Katty Perry little butt Katty Perry covers her pokies Katty Perry snorkeling in the Bahamas

Katy Perry Wears Wet Granny Panties

Okay so it’s definitely nice too see Katy Perry wearing wet see through panties, but I wish they weren’t granny panties.  Why couldn’t have she been wearing a thong or g-string?  Also, why couldn’t she be wearing a white see through bra?  And one more question…why couldn’t there be any photos from the front?  Damn, so many things wrong with the photos, but hey we all know Katy Perry is a cocktease so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Katy Perry wet panties getting out of pool Katy Perry wears see through panties Katy Perry all wet exiting pool Katy Perry has on wet bra and panties Katy Perry soaking wet panties
Katy Perry little wet butt Katy Perry shaking off wet panties Katy Perry see her butt through white panties Katy Perry spraying her wet undies Katy Perry drying off her wet knickers

Katy Perry’s Westside Cleavage and Upskirt

Here are some screen captures of Katy Perry flipping gang signs while on a television show in France.  Katy’s representin’ da westsiiide!  Holla! I wish the video was a little more clear then we might be able to tell if Katy’s wearing panties or not.

Katy Perry upskirt on French TV Katy Perry panties France
Katy Perry gang signs
Katy Perry cleavage France 2010 Katy Perry westside

Katy Perry’s Bouncy Boob Video:

Bonus Photos from NYC:
Katy Perry out and about in NYC Katy Perry cleavage Katy Perry side cleavage Katy Perry with bodyguard

Katy Perry Pumps Gas in the 80’s

Katy Perry is seen here pumping gas in Los Angeles wearing an old Kelly Bundy wardrobe, mini skirt and cut shirt. Looks like she is dating one of Kelly Bundy’s boyfriends too. For those of you who are too young to remember Kelly Bundy. Look it up “Married with Children“.