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Ke$ha is Sexy in the New Maxim?

Ke$ha Bra and Panties in Lingerie

I was almost fooled by these sexy Ke$ha Maxim photos?  But then I remembered what she really looks like…and it ain’t sexy.  If I’ve offended you and you’re a Kesha fan, maybe you’ll support her by buying her new condoms.  That’s right she has her own condoms (for her penis):

US pop star Ke$ha is set to release her own customised range of condoms, and will apparently have her face imprinted on 10,000 of them. – read more

They’ll be collector’s items someday so get them before they run out.

Ke$ha underwear in Maxim Ke$ha lingerie in Maxim Ke$ha see-through to bra Ke$ha spread legs Ke$ha looking for sex on bed

Photo Credit: Maxim

Buy the Ke$ha Workout Video

Would you buy the Ke$ha workout video if it existed?  It’s probably a great way to lose weight.  You don’t even have to exercise.  You can eat all you want…just watch the video then you’ll throw it all up after you watch the first 2 minutes.  You’ll never gain a pound.

Ke$ha workout in short shorts Ke$ha ass up Ke$ha doggystyle position
Ke$ha sexy Ke$ha workout in Los Angeles

Ke$ha in a Bikini…Yummy!

Here’s singer Ke$ha in a bikini while in Australia.  I hope most of you realize that the title of the post is sarcasm.  To be honest, I think I owe most of you an apology because I know a few of you probably lost your breakfast over these photos.  I know I did.

Kesha bikini in austrailia Kesha bikini side ass Ke$ha bikini in australia
Ke$ha flabby ass in bikini Kesha floppy tits in bikini