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Kelly Ripa at the Beach in Hawaii

kelly ripa beach bikini

Kelly Ripa and her husband hit up the beach in Hawaii. They had their own little private designated area. What’s with those hazard cones surrounding them? Are they radioactive or something?

Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa Hot Bikini Bods

How the hell did I ever miss this video clip of Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa showing off their sexy bodies in bikini’s on Hope and Faith. Probably because I never watched the show. But still…I can’t imagine I ever missed this video when searching Google for Megan Fox in a bikini.  If only I had the HD 1080p version of this video.

Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa bikini photos Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa in bikinis on Hope and Faith

Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa tight ass butts in bikinis Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa have nice booty

Megan Fox and Kelly Ripa Bikini Video:

Kelly Ripa Bikini Video

Kelly Ripa is ripped! Most of you have seen the photos, I think. After all I did post 3 sets. I guess that just wasn’t enough. Here’s a new video I found from the show. Once again Ripa showing her ripped body in a bikini.

Kelly Ripa Bikini Pool Video:

Kelly Ripa bikini photos (Round 2)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Kelly Ripa was in Miami to record for a few “Regis and Kelly” road trip shows. Luckily the paparazzi were doing their job.  Nice work guys!  Here’s round 2 with a couple new sets of Kelly Ripa bikini photos.

Kelly Ripa Miami Bikini Pics

Here are some photos of Kelly Ripa and her tight skinny body in a bikini.  She recently made a stop in Miami to record four programs for the “Regis and Kelly” show.  Read more