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Chanel Cruise Battle: Kristen Stewart vs Lily Rose Depp

Chanel Cruise Battle: Kristen Stewart vs Lily Rose Depp


Kristen Stewart in Leather

kristen stewart leather

I like the leather look from Kristen Stewart, but I’m not sure what’s up with her makeup. It looks like she overdid it just a little. Was she trying to keep the sun out her eyes? She could have just worn a hat.

Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Booty

kristen stewart cheater booty

I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard the cheating Kristen Stewart story. If not, here’s the story from People:

The relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has been rocked by the revelation that the actress had a brief fling with a married director, sources tell PEOPLE.

“Kristen is absolutely devastated,” says one source. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.” – read more

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Kristen Stewart Does a Sex Scene in New Twilight

kristen stewart sex scene twilight

Source: Fox News

Kristen Stewart has revealed the latest movie in the “Twilight Saga” was originally given an “R” rating after a sex scene between the actress and her real-life lover, Robert Pattinson, was deemed to be too steamy.
Stewart said things got heated while filming the franchise’s first sex scene for “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.”
“It was so weird. It didn’t even feel like we were doing a ‘Twilight’ film. I was like, ‘Bella! What are you doing? Wow,'” – read more