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Kylie Minogue Goes Disco Dancing

kylie minogue butt

Kylie Minogue may be 43-years-old, but she still knows how to look sexy and shake her booty under the disco ball. She should, she’s been doing it since disco was popular. Just kidding, she’s not quite that old.

kylie-minogue-unknown-1.jpg kylie-minogue-unknown-3.jpg kylie-minogue-unknown-4.jpg kylie-minogue-unknown-5.jpg kylie-minogue-unknown-6.jpg

Kylie Minogue Photos from Australia

kylie minogue bondi beach

The always beautiful Kylie Minogue enjoyed a little sunshine and warm weather at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I’m star struck…get it because her dress is full of stars. Yes, I know…another lame joke.

Kylie Minogue’s Sexy 2012 Calendar

Kylie Minogue calendar for 2012

Can you believe that 2012 (Doomsday lol) is just around the corner? Yet another year just flies by. So what do you have planned for 2012 other than stocking up on goods for Armagedon? Well, Kylie Minogue hopes that you add buying her 2012 calendar to your New Year’s list.