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Did Lady Gaga Get Surgery?

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I guess there are rumors that Lady Gaga got surgery? I could honestly care less, but if she got breast implants, that might spark my interest. But allegedly, she got lip surgery and now has a “trout pout”. From The Sun:

The singer, 26, was posing for her online fans in a Melbourne hotel room.

Lying back on a pillow with her eyes shut, she wrote: “Night night. Love, Mademoiselle Melbourne.”

But her huge, bee-stung lips did not help put those cosmetic surgery rumours to bed.

If anything, it looked like she has joined the long list of celebs boosting their kissers with augmentation ops.

Swollen and uneven, her lips look noticeably larger in this recent shot than in past photos.

A “trout pout” is often the result when needles are used to inject fillers into the sensitive mouth area. – read more

Lady Gaga is a Star Trek Character in GQ

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Don’t you guys think Lady Gaga would make a great Star Trek character? She’d make an excellent breed of Klingon/Ferengi/Android.  Or, whatever the f$ck she’s supposed to be?

Lady Gaga is a Bazaar Being

I normally wouldn’t post anything regarding Lady Gaga on the site because most people find her repulsive and disgusting. However, these photos for Bazaar aren’t half bad if you overlook the fact that her face is disgusting. I can say with high certainty that this will probably be the last post you’ll ever see of her on this site. Unless of course she does a nude photoshoot with Katy Perry or something.