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Lake Bell Los Angeles Photoshoot

I’m not a fan of Lake Bell’s face, but her body is smokin’. Here she is looking good in a recent photoshoot for Los Angeles magazine.

Lake Bell Side Boob

Lake Bell shows off her boobs again. This time it’s only the side of her boob.

Bonus: Video from her recent Maxim Photoshoot

Lake Bell in Maxim

Has anyone seen the show Children’s Hospital? Yeah me neither. But if you like Lake Bell and want to see more of her, it might be worth your time to check out the show.  Or, you can just enjoy her sexy photos in the September issue of Maxim.

Lake Bell In Her Undies For Elle

Lake Bell in Elle February 2011

Surprisingly, this is the first post I’ve done for Lake Bell.  I know she’s not the most well known actress in Hollywood, but I would have thought I’d done at least one post in the 6+ years of GCeleb.com.  Her most notable acting gig was probably her role in Boston Legal which only lasted a few years.  Other than that, she’s had a bunch of small time roles.

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