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Vogue Battle: Doutzen Kroes vs. Lara Stone

Vogue Battle: Doutzen Kroes vs. Lara Stone


Lara Stone Underwear Photoshoot in Los Angeles


Lara Stone – Underwear – Photoshoot – Los Angeles


Lara Stone Upskirt in Vogue

lara stone upskirt

Lara Stone almost showed off her dark blooms in this spread for Vogue. But, if her blooms are anything like her eyebrows, then there’s probably little to see.

lara-stone-vogue-UK-1.jpg lara-stone-vogue-UK-2.jpg lara-stone-vogue-UK-3.jpg lara-stone-vogue-UK-5.jpg lara-stone-vogue-UK-6.jpg

Lara Stone’s Tea Party Hotness

lara stone skirt

No, Lara Stone is not attending some anti-Obama rally in rural West Virgina. She’s actually attending a real tea party event. Can’t you tell by the color of her teeth?

lara-stone-tea-party-hotness-1.jpg lara-stone-tea-party-hotness-2.jpg lara-stone-tea-party-hotness-3.jpg lara-stone-tea-party-hotness-4.jpg lara-stone-tea-party-hotness-5.jpg

Lara Stone Bikini Photos in Vogue

Lara Stone in Vogue

I’m thankful for Lara Stone‘s real breasts.  Are you?  If you’re not thankful for her real boobies, you should be.  At least you should be according to New York Magazine, Lara said:

“…if my boobs were fake they might have exploded under the pressure.” – read more

Lara Stone Vogue April Lara Stone bikini Lara Stone tits Lara Stone long legs in bikini Lara Stone posing in bikini Lara Stone getting a massage rub

Photo Credit: Vogue