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Larisa Fraser in Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie

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If you’re a MLB or a Milwaukee Brewers fan then you may know who Larisa Fraser is. She and Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun were recently engaged in November. But I’m sure many of you could give a rat’s ass (including me). That’s why I’ll leave it at that and let you enjoy the new photos of Larisa in lingerie for Frederick’s of Hollywood. You can admire the POA that Ryan Braun is banging every night…that lucky SOB!

larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-1.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-2.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-3.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-4.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-5.jpg
larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-6.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-7.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-8.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-9.jpg larisa-fraser-foh-Lingerie-nightwear-10.jpg