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Laura Vandervoort’s Sexy Cliché Spread

Laura Vandervoort - Cliche Magazine-cov

Laura Vandervoort – Cliché Magazine – April/May 2014


Laura Vandervoort Into the Blue Sequel

Did anyone see the first “Into the Blue” movie?  Pretty bad huh?  Well, the only thing good about it was Jessica Alba’s ass.   If you didn’t see the first movie then you probably didn’t know that they made a sequel.  I didn’t see the sequel, but if it didn’t have Jessica Alba in it then I’m sure it’s worse than the first.  But hey, at least we get to see girls in bikinis.  Like Laura Vandervoort to be exact.  That’s really the only reason to watch the movie anyways.  Here are some screen captures and a short video clip.

Laura Vandervoort “Into the Blue: 2”