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Lea Michele’s Gym Session in West Hollywood

Lea Michele and her tall pregnant friend were seen leaving the gym after a workout in West Hollywood. I’m going to guess that Lea will be going to the gym a whole lot more now that her Glee career is over. She’s got a whole lot of time to kill.

Lea Michele in Harper’s Bazaar

I’m not sure what people find attractive about Lea Michele? Is it her nose? Maybe it’s her little boobs? Well, if you like her tiny mosquito bite boobs, you might be wondering the same thing Lea Michele is wondering. “Will my boobies be bigger?” (in Glee 3D) That’s the question she was asking in a recent interview with MTV. – read more

Lea Michele Banned Cosmopolitan Controversy

Lea Michele Banned photos

So supposedly they’ve banned this issue of Cosmopolitan in some stores because of the “racy” photos of Lea Michele.  I don’t really understand it?  According to the Examiner.com:

“Glee’s Lea Michele is on the March cover of Cosmopolitan, and the magazine’s spread has caused quite a controversy. Many parents in Oklahoma City and beyond feel that the star is a role model for other children. A Texas grocery store has even banned the magazine due to the racy cover.”- read more

Personally,  it seems like the banned magazine is just a bullshit publicity stunt because they saw how much hype her GQ photos got.  These photos don’t seem racy to me at all.  The steamy Glee GQ photos were way more deserving of the controversy.  However, there are some easily offended people in Texas.  No offense.

Lea Michele Banned Cosmo Cover Lea Michele cleavage peek Lea Michele covered tits

Update: Photos in HQ

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan