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Leilani Dowding and Her Doggy at the Beach

bikini bottom leilani-dowding

I’m still trying to figure out who Leilani Dowding is and what she does? Besides staging these sexy self-promotional photos of herself out in public to gain exposure. Whatever it is she does, at least she’s gaining exposure on the internet. Who knows if it’s helping find work out in Hollywood?

Leilani Dowding Does it Doggy Style

leilani dowding butt tights

I don’t know if walking dogs is Leilani Dowding‘s second job while she tries to find work in Hollywood or if she is just an avid doggy lover? But I like her style. Those lucky dogs!

leilani-dowding-doggy-style-1.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-2.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-3.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-4.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-5.jpg
leilani-dowding-doggy-style-6.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-7.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-8.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-9.jpg leilani-dowding-doggy-style-10.jpg

Leilani Dowding Bikini and Topless Photos

Leilani Dowding went to Miami doing what she does best…posing topless! The former Page Three girl and Miss Universe contestant must have been at a private beach because I don’t think they let people pose topless on Miami Beach?

Leilani Dowding Bikini Photos

Here is the “Heavenly Flower” Leilani Dowding in a bikini and posing for some photos poolside in Miami. She’s probably not that well known to us Americans, but if you’re English you may recognize her as a Page 3 model.