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Chelsea and Liv Tyler Sexy Photos

Liv Tyler's sister Chelsea

So I’m sure most of you know who Liv Tyler is, and you’ve probably seen the fat one Mia. But, have you seen the younger one Chelsea Tyler before? I haven’t and that’s why I decided to do a post for her. Here are Chelsea and her sister Liv out and about showing some sisterly love in Los Angeles.

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Liv Tyler Gets Inside Jolie

Liv Tyler in Jolie magazine

Here’s a celebrity we haven’t seen much of lately, it’s Liv Tyler leaving her home in NYC and posing for the latest issue of Jolie magazine. Liv has been busy being a mom the past few years, but has also found some time to do a little acting. One of her latest films The Ledge is set to release sometime in 2011.

“The Ledge stars Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Patrick Wilson, and Terrence Howard. The film centers on a man (Hunnam) threatening to jump from the ledge of a building by noon, and the people down below who are trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on.” – see the images

Liv Tyler is an eskimo Liv Tyler heavy coat Liv Tyler leaving home in NYC

Liv Tyler on cover of Jolie magazine Liv Tyler beautiful face shot

Liv Tyler Doesn’t Love Scammers

What was the last good movie you saw Liv Tyler in? That’s a tough question isn’t it? I’m surprised she actually got paid to do a magazine photoshoot. Here she is in UK’s Love magazine. Maybe she’s still big in Europe? It must be hard for her to pay her bills these days. Especially when she’s getting herself involved in scams:

“…Liv Tyler was the biggest victim, getting hit with $214,000 in fraudulent charges.” – read more