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Lyndsy Fonseca Wore a See-Through Shirt

lyndsy fonseca see through bra

I don’t really know who Lyndsy Fonseca is, but here she is walking the streets in a see-through top. The outfit would have been much better is she hadn’t worn a bra.

lyndsy fonseca-see through in bra lyndsy-fonseca-see-through-bra-2.jpg lyndsy-fonseca-see-through-bra-3.jpg lyndsy fonseca not nearly naked enough I'd prefer lyndsy fonseca topless showing her boobies

Lyndsy Fonseca Sexy Nikita Promos

lyndsy fonseca sexy

Here are a few promo photos of the very beautiful Lyndsy Fonseca for season 2 of Nikita. Man, would I love to be that ice cream right about now!

lyndsy-fonseca-nikita-promos-1.jpg lyndsy-fonseca-nikita-promos-2.jpg lyndsy-fonseca-nikita-promos-3.jpg lyndsy-fonseca-nikita-promos-5.jpg lyndsy-fonseca-nikita-promos-6.jpg