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Malin Akerman in a Bikini for Shape

malin akerman bikini in shape

Malin Akerman watches very closely what she eats not only too keep her body fit, but also because she has a autoimmune condition that doesn’t allow her to digest gluten properly. It actually sounds more serious than it is. Read more about her condition here.

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Malin Akerman’s Gorilla Bra in Maxim

malin ackerman topless

Malin Ackerman and Maxim decided to do some kind of pseudo beastiality theme for this recent photoshoot. I don’t know what it’s all about, but if any of you grew up on a farm I’m sure you’ll be into this. Malin will even teach you how to choke your chickens.

malin-ackerman-maxim-1.jpg malin-ackerman-maxim-2.jpg malin-ackerman-maxim-3.jpg malin-ackerman-maxim-5.jpg malin-ackerman-maxim-6.jpg

Malin Akerman at the Beach

Malin Akerman seems to go to the beach in Miami a lot.  I don’t mind one bit!  She should quit her acting job and become a professional beach bum.  That would be great!

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Malin Akerman Bikini Photos From Miami

If you don’t already know who Malin Akerman is, get used to her because you’ll be seeing a lot of her in 2012. Malin Akerman was just casted to star in the new film Rock of Ages. But that’s not all. You can expect to see her in a total six films in 2012 according to Entertainment Weekly:

…Rock of Ages brings Akerman to… six films headed to theaters in 2012: The Giant Mechanical Man, Medallion, Wildwood Inn, Serpent Girl, The Numbers Station, and, now Ages. – read more

I never knew she was so popular.  Now only if she got leading roles in all of those films, she’d probably be one of the top paid actresses in the world.

Malin Akerman Cancun Vacation Photos

Here is the newly cast Inferno actress Malin Akerman on vacation in Cancun with her boyfriend.  Malin recently took over the role of Linda Lovelace that was once held by Lindsay Lohan.  In a recent interview with Fox411 Malin said she “felt awkward” when she first took the part, but thought the story of Linda Lovelace was incredible:

“Her life was really incredible; she (Lovelace) was a survivor. Unfortunately she’s not with us anymore, but her life was really incredible and I am excited for that to come out.”- read more

Malin Akerman Wears Ralph Lauren

Malin Akerman was in attendance for a Chanel event at the MOCA in Los Angeles.  Damn she looks sexy in that skin tight Ralph Lauren gown!

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Malin Ã…kerman Bikini Photos from Hawaii

In case you haven’t heard of her, Malin Akerman is probably best known for her role in Watchmen.  At least that’s where I recognize her from.  She’s also been in movies such as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Proposal and Couples Retreat.  Here is the Swedish actress on vacation in Hawaii.  Not the best bikini body, but not bad.

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