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Marisa Miller’s Alluring Pregnant Nude Photos


I don’t understand the fascination with pregnant nude women on magazine covers? But obviously it sells magazines. I think it’s more for than the women than men. Or, for those sickos out there who have a pregnant women fetish. Anyway, here is the the beautiful Marisa Miller showing of her naked baby bump for Allure.

Marisa Miller Gets Into Bikini Shape

Marisa Miller Bikini Shape

All women should take lessons on how to stay in Shape from Marisa Miller.  At 32 years-old Marisa still keeps her body in the most pristine condition imaginable.  Can you believe that at one time people made fun of Marisa Miller’s physique?  Yeah, me neither.  Marisa told Shape:

“They called me ‘bubble butt’ — but I’m over it!” – Watch her video

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